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Children's Book Editing, Writing, and Collaboration

I'm Tamson! I am a children's book writer and editor with over 25 years experience and co-author of the Ada Lace Books.


I can help you whip that manuscript into shape (or coerce you into writing the first one). Contact me to learn how.

Tamson’s taste is impeccable. I trust her completely. –Mac Barnett

Tamson Weston makes my books better.  Everybody should have one. –Adam Rex

Tamson has always been one of my favorite editors. –Steve Malk, agent, Writers House


Be sure to check out the offerings for authors, illustrators, agents, publishers and packagers.

I have some nifty options on my authors and illustrators page, including a new portfolio rate for picture book writers getting ready to submit their work.

Have you seen my most recent blog post yet?

Want to know more about me and what I do?  Be sure to read my bio and recommendations.

I love collaborating with creative people and I have a great track record of putting together acclaimed and award-winning books. Let’s work together. If you have a great idea, but you're feeling a little stuck, email me! I can help get you get it off the ground.

I have had the honor of collaborating with the brilliant and talented Emily Calandrelli on the Ada Lace books. Ada is a determined young girl with a head for science and technology and determined spirit. Guided by her curiosity,  with help from her friendfs, Ada finds her way in and out of scrapes. You can buy the Ada Lace books here.

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