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Authors & Illustrators

We’ve all heard stories of that bestseller that was rejected fourteen times before the author went on to conquer the world. And while it’s true that getting a publishing deal does require perseverance, there are ways that you can improve your chances right off the bat. Maybe what you need is a revision or two. Or maybe you’ve got the start of a really commercial novel, but you just don’t know how to pitch it. Or maybe you’ve got an agent who’s really interested, but she feels that your manuscript needs a great deal of revision. All of these are problems that I can help with. After years of acquiring and editing books for children, I can give you a clear sense of the market, how best to meet its needs and help make your project more appealing to an agent or editor. Let me help you.

I offer a range of services to authors interested in preparing their work for publication. Note that fees may vary according to the length or complexity of the work. Have a question or don’t see what you need here? Contact me and we’ll find a solution.

Intensive edit

I will read your manuscript, annotate it with notes and provide a thorough roadmap to revision in the form of an editorial letter. If you are an author/illustrator, I will also look at your dummy and give you suggestions to improve the visual narrative, layout and presentation.


up to 20,000 words:         $2,000

20,000-40,000 words:      $2,250

40,000-50,000 words:      $2,750

50,000-60,000 words:      $3,500

60,000-70,000 words:      $4,000

70,000-80,000 words:      $4,500

80,000-90,000 words:      $5,000


Picture Books: $750 for text, $1000 for text and art 

SCBWI members: $600 for text, $800 for text and art, 2 manuscripts for $900


Picture Book Submission package–including 3 manuscripts and cover letter: $1,500

SCBWI members: $1,200


Writing Coach: If you do not have a manuscript yet, but are struggling with completing one, contact me. We can work out a schedule of regular intervals where you will have assignments and I will give you direction and encouragement.



Rewriting and Book Doctoring

will rewrite sections of your book in order to improve the narrative flow, dialogue, sentence structure or rhyme scheme.

email for an estimate of your project

Publishing Strategy

If you have what you feel is a complete draft that is ready to submit, I will read your manuscript, synopsis and query letter and discuss strategies for getting published.

Contact me for an estimate

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