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Working with Tamson as editor for my first novel was the most nurturing and supportive experience I could have hoped for. While she offered great clarity for tightening and polishing what I’d created, she always did it in such a way that respected me as writer, honored my intentions and vision for the book and empowered me to distill my work into an essential and beautiful form. For sharp editorial insight delivered with kindness and warmth, I can’t recommend Tamson highly enough.

Jen Violi, author of Putting Makeup On Dead People

Tamson has always been one of my favorite editors. I’ve worked with her for several years on many different projects, and she’s truly someone who appreciates and savors the art of book-making; she loves every decision that goes into making a book and won’t stop working on something until it’s as perfect as it can be. She’s a kind, patient person who loves working with authors and illustrators, and is completely invested in the world of children’s books.

–Steven Malk, agent,
Writer’s House

Tamson understands the picture book, and her love for the form is deep. She’s a terrific editor who never forces her vision onto a book, but instead amplifies and brightens the story that is already there. Her taste is impeccable. I trust her completely.

Mac Barnett, author of Billy Twitters and His Blue Whale Problem and OH NO! contributer to Guys Read

Tamson Weston knows:


  1. What kids love

  2. What publishers need

  3. What makes a good children’s book tick

She’s the best!

Mark Newgarden & Megan Cash, creators of Bow Wow Bugs a Bug and more

Tamson Weston makes my books better.  Everybody should have one.

Adam Rex, author of Frankenstein Makes a Sandwich, Smekday and School's First Day of School

Tamson has always been a great editor to work with. She has the unique ability to make a manuscript speak volumes while maintaining brevity and making every word count. I would highly recommend her services as a consultant to anyone seeking to take their work to the next level.

Dan Santat, author of Guild of Geniuses and illustrator of OH NO! by Mac Barnett

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