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Ada Lace, Take Me To Your Leader #1 on Amazon New Releases!

Ada Lace, Take Me to you Leader
Ada Lace, Take Me to you Leader

When I was little, my big sister was my hero. She was smart, kind and beautiful: all the things I wanted to be. She studied chemistry in college and gave me her old organic chemistry book to look through. This is not the part where I tell you that I found my calling. Although, maybe it was then, when I realized what it might be like to follow in her footsteps, that I decided writing might be a more suitable vocation for me.

So, here I am. Instead of being a young scientist or engineer, I  get to collaborate with several other inspirational and smart women on this baby, which is #1 on Amazon’s New Releases. Not exactly what I had originally planned, but it works for me. Hooray for smart women!!

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